“Flavor Your Life” campaign tastes full of goodness

The campaign ‘Flavor Your Life’ is all about bringing olive oil expertise to the consumer. It talks about olive oil production, olive oil tasting, olive oil usage and olive oil benefits.

Their website is packed with adventurous cooking ideas and tips that re-emphasise the importance of olive oil, in particular extra virgin olive oil, in promoting wellness and adding flavour.

According to their website, “The name of the campaign ‘Flavor Your Life’, suggests the concept of living in harmony… …Extra virgin olive oil is not only a condiment to enhance the flavors of our dishes, but it is also very beneficial to our health. The logo is meant to represent all of these concepts …”

The Mediterranean diet is a common theme when it comes to olive oil and this campaign is no exception with health and flavour being the two main messages of this campaign, an excerpt of which is provided here:

Promoting Wellness:

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, accelerates the intestinal absorption of vitamins and helps digestion. It contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, Vitamin E being the most important because is essential in the fight against oxidative stress and is also concentrated in the mammary gland thereby passing on wellness to newborns through lactation.

Adds Flavour

Extra virgin olive oil contributes to health, wellness and pleasure by lending its unique flavors and aromas in every dish. Olive oil plays a unique role in the evolution of Mediterranean gastronomy, which is able to combine and exalt the taste and health characteristics of a few simple ingredients, almost all of which are of plant based. It is a magical product in cooking because it helps to maintain flavors and beneficial components of the same foods.

The campaign also allows consumers a decoded insight into the often complex olive oil industry. Information is provided about olive oil quality, the heritage of the olive oil culture, the production processes and the importance of traceability. A major focus is to provide insight into how the tasting professionals judge the products, and help consumer to use this themselves to make more educated decisions about buying and using olive oil.

Tasting olive oil is not something that consumers generally do. It is not like a wine that one simply drinks a bottle of and makes an opinion, because olive oil is an ingredient (a spice if you will), whose taste is important but often mixed or masked by other ingredients in a dish. But understanding olive oil tasting methods will allow consumers to better use the right oils for their dishes, to taste an oil before deciding how to use it. Take a pepper for example…unless you know how hot or sweet it is, you don’t know whether or how much of it you should use.

Taste-testing olive oil is a recognized profession governed by the IOC. Panels of testers smell and taste the oil, which is consumed from a dark glass because the colour of the oil is not an indicator of quality (contrary to popular consumer belief). Generally, only trained tasters can distinguish the difference in the quality of olive oils, however it seems that more and more consumers are interested in learning. The Flavor Your Life campaign is looking to help consumers do exactly that.

The ‘Flavor Your Life’ campaign will run in Canada and the USA until 2014, and is aimed squarely at educating the consumer. While, the campaign won’t physically reach Australia, there is no reason why Australian consumers shouldn’t soak up some of their good oil education.

Visit the campaign website here: http://flavor-your-life.com/

Author: AOOA Editor Source & Logo Copyright: Flavor Your Life