Announcing Quality Seal Program

AOOA members must meet or exceed the International Olive Council (IOC) standard

It is a condition of AOOA membership that all oil marketed by members must meet or exceed the International Olive Council (IOC) standard, so membership in the AOOA is a de facto certification program. The AOOA Certified Quality Seal Program has stepped up quality control another notch by submitting the Seal products for testing even more frequently and by including additional analysis.

“A condition of membership in the AOOA is that all members agree to abide by the IOC standard. We ensure the integrity of that principle by regularly testing members’ oil through part of our quality control efforts,” said David Valmorbida, AOOA president. “The seal program, lets product marketed by AOOA members stand out from the competition, with good reason. These companies have taken the initiative to lead the industry by voluntarily following a standard that’s far more stringent than what’s required by the Australian Government. They also contribute time and funds to educate consumers about olive oil and its health benefits and contribute money to promote the category. Now they’re agreeing to undergo even-more-frequent testing and sensory panel testing for the right to use the AOOA seal.”

“Being a premium product, there are often rumours that product marked as olive oil may not be 100 percent authentic. The results of our ongoing testing program demonstrate that consumers can be confident in what they’re buying. The AOOA Seal will give them an added level of confidence,” David said.

The Australian Olive Oil Association (AOOA) follows IOC standards in its tests including sensory analyses and an array of chemical tests. “If you want to be sure about the full picture of authenticity and quality, there aren’t any shortcuts. You have to run them all,” said David Valmorbida.

The Australian Olive Oil Association is a trade association open to all industry stakeholders including marketers, producers, packagers and importers of olive oil in the Australian Market and their respective suppliers abroad. The association strives to foster a better understanding of olive oil and its taste, versatility and health benefits. Our mission is the promotion of consumer education, international quality standards and fair competition in the Australian olive oil industry.

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