Membership benefits

Stay informed

The AOOA has a dedicated position in monitoring the Australian olive oil industry and communicating with members on key issues as well as global category information. AOOA committee members work with relevant food and health interests to promote olive oil usage and attend relevant trade events, including meetings of the International Olive Council (IOC) Quality Control Monitoring Agreement. Members are kept informed through alerts, newsletters, conferences and meetings.

Promote olive oil quality

For over 20 years, the AOOA has been managing a quality control program aimed at alerting government and trade officials of olive oil adulteration and fraud, thereby ensuring a marketplace with fair competition. Today, the AOOA is collecting more samples than ever before and continues to work with the IOC, local regulatory bodies, retailers and association members to ensure industry standards are met.

Check your supplier

Are you getting what you paid for? Distributors need to quality control their own supply with confidence. Being proactive about managing your supply partner is critical to ensuring you are not selling a product that could land you in “hot water” because it breaches the law or fails standards due to quality or adulteration. AOOA members may elect their own olive oil product lines to be tested by the association, providing the added benefit of ensuring their own supply partners continuously meet quality standards.

Navigate category-related legislation and regulations

Through our work with relevant industry stakeholders including governmental bodies such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and industry organisations such as the Food and Beverage Importers Association (FBIA), AOOA members have access to a clear information about legislation and regulations affecting Olive Oil. With a combination of FBIA and AOOA membership, members will be aware of legislation affecting import operations and can be involved in efforts related to supporting the development and ensuring fair competition in the olive oil category in Australia. For companies based outside Australia, this can be particularly helpful in understanding local legislation.

Have a voice

The AOOA monitors local and international industry issues, such as the modernisation of international quality standards and the promotion and regulatory proposal of non-harmonised standards for olive oil. The AOOA seeks to represent all members in having a balanced voice in industry and government discussions, ensuring fair outcomes for free competition and defence against the imposition of unfair trade barriers or heavy-handed regulation by groups with vested interests.