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    Our mission is the promotion of consumer education, international quality standards and fair competition in the Australian olive oil industry.

    We represent a membership that is open to all industry stakeholders, including producers, importers, distributors and trade organisations.


The Australian Olive Oil Association offers a Certified Quality Seal Program as a way to recognize and promote olive oils that measure up to the industry’s standards of excellence.

Heart-healthy benefits and superior flavours have made olive oil a staple in many Australian kitchens. But as with any premium product, there is a potential for imposters to mingle with the real thing. Now there is an easy way for consumers to identify olive oil that delivers the quality they expect.

  • Frequent Testing

    The AOOA Certified Quality Seal Program has stepped up quality control another notch by submitting the Seal products for testing more frequently.

  • International Standards

    Follows IOC standards in its tests including sensory analyses and an array of chemical tests.

  • Consumer Confidence

    The AOOA Seal will give consumers an added level of confidence that they are getting 100% authentic  product

Latest News

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AOOA talks to 2GB about olive oil in Australia

In an interview with the 2GB, the President of the Australian Olive Oil Association, David Valmorbida, talks about olive oil in Australia, the growth of Australian-produced olive oil and the increasing sophistication of consumer choice.
Mario Solinas Award Gold Medal

2015 Mario Solinas Awards in New York City

On June 29th the winners of the world's most prestigious olive oil competition, the Mario Solinas Awards, were announced in New York. In 2015, gold medals were taken out by olive oils from Portugal and Spain. Read more...

  • Quality & Standards

    Olive oil quality and product standards are at the core of the AOOA’s purpose. We help members and industry stakeholders navigate international standards as well as local legislation and regulatory topics. As a peak industry body, we take the lead in relevant discussions at a governmental level.

    Read more about olive oil standards here


The International Olive Council (IOC) was established in 1959 under the auspices of the United Nations and is the intergovernmental organisation responsible for the development of global standards for olive oil quality.

For over 20 years the AOOA has coordinated annual sampling and testing of leading olive oil brands by independent, accredited laboratories as a part of the global monitoring program lead by the IOC.


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Membership benefits

AOOA members stay informed of the latest industry news, regulation and global category information. Participate in industry promotion of olive oil and have a voice at the local and international regulatory level. Get assistance on standards, legislation and regulation and access testing services for your product

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We welcome all stakeholders of the olive oil industry and encourage all perspectives to take a seat at the table, to discuss issues, identify needs and plan industry actions. We offer membership tiers for small and large organisations, for producers, importers, distributors and trade organisations.

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The process is simple. Download the forms available here or simply contact us via this website. We would be happy to talk to you at any time about how you can be involved.